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 Who We Serve and

                 syn·er·gy  n. "The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that
                their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects."

Table to Table distributes the food we rescue through agencies that serve the hungry , homeless and at-risk populations in our area. Distributing the food in this manner has a dual effect. It gets the food to those who need it through the agencies they are already going to for services; they receive the nutritive and monetary impact of this food without having to go to a separate location to acquire it.

The agencies also derive the monetary benefit from the value of food because they no longer need to purchase it for their programs or divert staff time to acquire it.  The food Table to Table provides at no fee helps stretch their budgets as they provide the safety net of services to the community.

Since the agencies know the needs of their clientele, Table to Table can focus on efficiently collecting and distributing the food we rescue. It allows us to maximize the volume of wholesome food we can keep from going to waste.

Everyone benefits through this synergy.

Who We Serve (In alphabetical order)


"The food the North Liberty Community Pantry receives from Table to Table, at no cost to the Pantry, has increased over the last several years to meet community needs. The Pantry has had double digit increases in visits to the Pantry. The additional food from Table to Table has assisted the Pantry in increasing the food options available to the community while maintaining moderate increases to our food purchasing budget. Items that have been greatly appreciated by families in need include fresh bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned soup, dairy items, cereal, snack items, and a variety of other food and toiletry items. More families are needing food assistance more often and Table to Table is helping to meeting those needs every day in Johnson County"

Tina DuBois, Director, North Liberty Food and Clothing Pantry
"Table to Table provides The River Food Pantry @ IC Compassion with many fresh foods like milk, yogurt, eggs, salads, fruits, and vegetables that we would not otherwise be able to offer our community members.  It's always encouraging to open the refrigerators and see them full of good things, things that I would buy myself, and to be able to offer them to those who come in our doors, even when our dry goods are running low. "

Sara Steele, Director The River Food Pantry @ IC Compassion